DIMORA INTERIOR born after a fortunate encounter of two Italian Architects living in California that share the same passion for Architecture and Interior design.

Dimora focuses on interior design mainly but also product design, interior architecture and architectural projects, with a strong goal of combining form and functionality.

The strength resides also in some external collaborations with artists and designers such as Antonio Barbieri, David Gilmore.
One of these highlights is the creation of “DIMORA LAMP” in early 2021.

We think every creative has its own perspective and experience to bring to the table so the idea of involving other artists came with no hesitation. This approach stimulates us in many ways and it’s also a lot of fun to collaborate with other colleagues.

We really like to dive deep into material research, we like to describe our products as timeless, elegant but versatile: pieces that people will be able to appreciate and adapt into their space for years to come.

Minimal design and objects considered “simple” are the hardest to create because the smallest error will be very evident and it’ll ruin the entire job or piece. Even in the smallest detail there’s a lot of thinking.

With this recent time of forced segregation we all had time to pause and look at our four walls more than ever. People start to reconsider their private space, giving more value to it. Design can help increase the beauty and the functionality of a home, but it can do even more than that. Restyling a home is restyling yourself, your life, is changing your attitudes in relation to the space and to ourselves.