Location: Mid-Wilsher, Los Angeles

The homeowners fell in love with this house from the moment they saw it, but when they moved in, they realized it needed something  – they just weren’t sure what that was.

When we walked the home with the lovely owners, we immediately realized what was needed: to transform the Mexican style property into a bright, inspiring space that bought modern flair to its traditional roots without compromizing it’s original style.

The goal was to refresh the house while remaining true to its original elements. The furniture needed to be sophisticated yet casual and speak to the authenticity of the house such as the modern mid century modular sofa, the gold sculpture, the round pedestal.

A brutalist mid century chandelier in the dining room, mid century European geometrical sconces close to the fireplace in the living room, and soft lighting sources act as complementing accessories. About the decor: the pops of color and the artworks in each space act as a reminder to not take the space too seriously.

There is an exceptional atmosphere in the ‘green room’ thanks to a couple of pieces: a matte black painted fireplace, re-transformed, and a mid century mini bar in teak wood.